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Orthapedics is a branch of medical science that concentrates on injuries, disease, deformities or disorders of the musculoskeletal system including the spine bones, joints, muscle, ligaments, tendons and nerves throughout the body.

The word “ORTHO” means straight & “PAEDICS” meaning children taken from the Greek words. Earlier doctors under this branch of medicine have been involved in treatment of crippled children. However over the years this stream of medicine has evolved to encompass a large variety of musculoskeletal disorders in patients of all ages.

Orthopaedics surgeons manage special problems of the bone & muscle systems

This may include the following tools:

  • Diagnosis of injuries/ Disorders including use of investigations procedure like Xray, MRI, CT, Scan, Ultrasound diagnostic.
  • Treatment with medication, rest, exercises Physiotherapy, surgery on other treatment plans.
  • Rehabilitation through physiotherapy to restore movement, strength & function.
  • Prevention with awareness information, treatment plans to prevent injuries or slow the progress of diseases

At Re-Live Physiotherapy & wellness Clinic  A Patient with any musculoskeletal problem is usually referred to an Orthopaedician either through other Physician & Medical Practitioners or patient may walk in by self.

Depending on the availability of an Orthopaedician, a Physiotherapist may also assesses the patient and if further expertise is required the patient is then seen by the Orthopaedician once he is available. If the requirement of the patient is well within the limit of a Physiotherapist’s expertise an evaluation & further treatment is then taken up by the same.

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