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exercise_therapy_1May be given after a course of electrotherapy or solely to correct an impairment, improve the muscle ,bone and surrounding structure strength or for maintenance of a state of well being.

Stretching, general body strengthening , stabilization ,core strengthening ,flexibility & mobility exercises can be provided once pain relief is achieved to get back maximum movement capacity, strength & function. It may vary from selected activities for training of specific muscle groups or parts of the body to general and vigorous activities that can return a patient to the peak of his/her physical condition.

In exercise therapy, we give importance to spine & back protecting your joints.

  • We may include a number of tools to achieve the above which include:


    • Mat core strengthening using your own body parts.
    • Weights Cuffs,Dumbbells.
    • Therabands, Theratubes
    • Medicine Ball
    • Exercise/Swiss Ball
    • Instruments like static cycle
    • Balance Board
    • Theraputty
    • Over head pulley/Shoulder wheel etc
  • Exercise therapy may be given to achieve the following goals:

    • Facilitate movement/ambulation
    • Mobilize joints and structures around, release contracted muscles, tendons, fascia
    • Reduce tightness/rigidity
    • Improve balance, co-ordination and strength
    • Promote relaxation and healing
    • Improve circulation and respiratory capacity
    • Improve muscle strength and possibly maintain the same
    • Improve endurance, enhance performance and functional capacity

In conjunction with the above or with/without electrotherapy use of Manual Therapy, Mobilization and manipulation, plyometric is done.


Once the patient is healed he/she is called back for a review after a week or 15days depending on the condition as we believe in working on getting rid of the root cause and prevent recurrence.
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