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Coronary heart disease is one the commonest cause of death in India. Lately, hospitalisation continues to shorten and rehabilitation is taking on a higher profile.

It is ideal for rehabilitation to be initiated before heart surgery, but it usually starts after the operation or after the myocardial infarction and for people prone to chronic heart failure.Prevention programme can also be given to patients diagnosed with cardiac issues.

Once arrhythmias, acute heart failure, and ischemia are stabilised after medication /surgery, rehabilitation begins with a balance of rest and gentle progressive exercise from sitting out, to walking , to stair climbing.

Phase 1

After discharge in case of post-surgery rehab, a convalescent programme of steady but not progressive exercise is maintained. An outpatient rehabilitation programme involving physical reconditioning within 3 -6 weeks after surgery or angioplasty and 4 -8 weeks of myocardial infarction.

Phase 2

Phase II rehabilitation includes the early at-home period following hospitalization, through the recuperating period, typically 8 -12 weeks after discharge.

At Re- Live orthopedic, physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic we begin with the second phase of rehabilitation which is the outpatient or Home exercise program followed by the community program which deals with maintenance of attained functions and to promote lifelong commitment to physical fitness and personal health management.


  • Improve functional capacity
  • Progress toward full resumption of habitual and occupational activities
  • Promote positive life-style changes

The Outpatient Program

  • Generally administered 3 or 4 times per week, for 10 -15 minutes initially to 30 -60 minutes as levels of fitness improve.
  • We include walking or other aerobic form of exercise ,circuit training..etc keeping in mind the condition of the patient.
  • Programs may include interval training where work interval is followed by a rest interval.
  • Our exercise program will be monitored by a number of factors including heart rate, blood pressure ,signs of exertional intolerance etc.
  • We include Breathing exercise as a part of our programme
  • Relaxation techniques including yoga, Alexander technique etc. for Stress reduction
  • Education,awareness and motivation towards improved life style, healthy diet, importance of exercise.
  • Thoracic mobility exercises

Phase 3

Phase III program provides a place where individuals may exercise regularly and safely under the direction of our physiotherapist. Participation in phase III may last for several months or indefinitely. The individuals are expected to progress from supervision to self regulation of their exercise programs.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Improved work capacity
  • Increased myocardial perfusion
  • Decreased angina
  • Decreased fatigue, depression ,anxiety, stress
  • Decreases morbidity, mortality
  • Decreased hospital re-admission rates
  • Decreased risk of sudden death with vigorous exercise 50 fold increase.
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