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In neurological cases the earlier physiotherapy is started the better it is.

Usually such conditions are caused either due to suppression of the nervous system due to any external injury or an internal damage to the brain, the spinal cord or even at the peripheral nerve branches leading to mild symptoms like weakness, pain, tingling or major symptoms like paralysis and loss of sensation of an area of a body or an entire part/s.

Some of the common neurological conditions in which physiotherapy may help are:

  1. Head injuries
  2. Stroke-condition caused due to lack of blood supply to the brain or due to rupture of a blood vessel
  3. Paralysis-quadraplegia (paralysis of all four limbs), hemiplegia (paralysis of one half of the body, one arm one leg), paraplegia (paralysis of both legs), monoplegia (paralysis of one limb)
  4. Cerebral palsy
  5. Fascial palsy/bells palsy- reversible conditions
  6. Muscular dystrophy –progressive muscle weakness
  7. Parkinsons diseases
  8. Migrane  and tension headaches
  9. Neurogenic pain- nerve pain

These conditions are usually treated with electrotherapy, exercise therapy, balancing  and co-ordination exercises,gait training etc..

If physiotherapy is started early disabilities can be minimized and a better lifestyle can be provided .

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