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Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilate which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through “Core” strength, flexibility and awareness. Connecting the mind and the body perfecting posture and making movements graceful.

Principles of Pilates

  • Concentration, Control, Centering, Fluidity Precision & Breath are the principle of Pilates.
  • Pilates has always emphasizes on quality over quantity. These principle become essential in a Pilates workout.

What is “Core”? / What are the “Core Muscles of our body?

Your body “Core Muscles are made up of the deep abdominal & the intrinsic spinal muscles, all of which are your foundation for movement. They include the muscles of your abdomen group, back the muscles in your Pelvic floor and the muscle around your spine. Many of which cannot been seen because there’re buried underneath other muscles, fascia and skin.

All these muscles work together to “Keep trunk stable”.

Strong Core Muscles keep your back healthy. They hold your body upright improves your balance allowing you to move your arms & legs freely.

If your Core Muscles are weak, your body will not work effectively, and other muscles have to pick up the slack thus u become prone to injuries and falls.

Weak Core is why we hunch our shoulders or get an aching back.

Pilates helps majorly in strengthening the Core.

Difference between Pilates & Yoga?

  • Pilates helps in stretching & strengthening the muscles throughout the body along with strengthening the “CORE” muscles while yoga concentrates on posture stretching & relaxation.
  • Pilates helps achieve perfect body alignment and posture. Pilates sculpts the body strengthening it from inside out making you look lean & tall.
  • Pilates exercise can also be done through machine like a Cadillac, reformer or with props like magic circle, Swiss ball etc, while yoga is purely a mat exercise. How ever one of the most obvious similarities between Pilates & yoga is that they are both mind and body discipline the intent for the both is to bring the body & mind together in a way that enhance awareness and elevates the overall life experience of the practitioner.


  • Pilate Helps in increasing tone of the muscle of your body from inside out without adding Bulk.
  • Increases strength of stabilizer muscles in our body thereby helps elevate spinal health.
  • A mind-body workout that strengthens your body as a whole.
  • Pilates, strengthens your neck, back and pelvic floor muscles increasing balance & improving posture
  • It flatters your abdominals by strengthening your muscles increasing tone.
  • Pilates strengthens the Core like no other exercise can
  • Increase endurance, Stamina, Strength & breathing capacity
  • Excellent when used in recovery form sports injuries & falls
  • Helps in prevention & treatment of injuries related to weakness, age, Neurological problems, balance or stability thereby preventing repeated stress injuries and falls.
  • Helps you prepare for a pregnancy while helping further in getting back to shape post pregnancy.
  • It is very safe for any age group of any sex.
  • Improve, BP, Cholesterol reading while giving you a better and long life.
  • Helps in overall development of your system
  • Reduces stress, relieves tensions in muscle system, boots energy through deep stretching & strengthening
  • Helps in increasing the lungs capacities & endurance.
  • Enhances mobility, agility & stamina
  • Increase balance & co-ordination.
  • Creates a long, strong, flexible spine
  • Improves circulation increases joint range of motion
  • Improves the way your body feels & looks, while improving sex life!


  • 1. Does Pilates help in relieving back pain?

    Since Pilates works majorly on the core and the back is a part of our core musculature it helps in strengthening the back muscles during a rehab phase and during an sub-acute phase of back pain it relaxes the back as abdominals are being worked on.(Pilates may be prevented in certain conditions like IVDP in an acute phase)

  • 2. Will I lose weight through Pilates?

    At the beginners and intermediate levels it’s all about toning the muscles of your body from the tip of your nose to the tip of your foot. So although you may not see wt loss on your weighing scale you look leaner due to a toned body. At an advanced level weight loss can be expected apart from toning.

  • 3. Can I consider Pilates for early Rehabilitation?

    Yes call us for details on this.

  • 4. Does Pilates help reduce stress?

    Yes as it is a mind body exercise, you cannot be thinking of something else while exercising Pilates.

  • 5. Can Pilates be done by men too?

    Pilates can very much be taken up by men too as an exercise form. It give great results in terms of increase in power, strength, endurance and stamina. It improves sex life in men and women both.

  • 6. What is core strengthening? How does it help in my ailment?

    Please send us an online enquiry mentioning your ailment so we can answer your query regarding your condition.

  • 7. Why is core strengthening so important?

    In any and every stage of musculoskeletal rehab it has been proven that working on the core, the main support system of the body helps tremendously in early progress and healing .It is important to strengthen the core as it forms the girdle of strength.

  • 8. How does Pilates help post or pre pregnancy?

    Pre-pregnancy it prepares the body of a women to adapt to the immense changes taking place in the body along with increasing strength and capacity also leading to early rebound post pregnancy. While after pregnancy Pilates gives u all the benefits of conditioning with safety.

    A specially designed programme of Pilates can also be given during the stages of pregnancy

  • 9. Is Pilates safe for me?

    As explained before Pilates is one of the safest exercise form that is suitable for all age groups.

    Yet there may be some conditions in which Pilates may be contraindicated. If doubtful about your condition please take advice of your physician/orthopaedician/physiotherapist before u start the workout.

  • 10. Which age group can do Pilates?

    Safe in all age groups.

  • 11. Can one do Pilates in pregnancy?

    Yes Pilates can also be done during pregnancy. A specially designed program with selective exercises thoughtfully given to suit pregnant ladies.

  • 12. I have leaks of urine during cough and/or sneezing, do I have incontinence? What can I do to treat this?

    Kegels exercise helps tremendously for such a condition. Also in Pilates connection to the core is very important involving pelvic floor muscles to work thereby gradually increasing the strength.

  • 13. How will Pilates help in rehabilitating my ailment?

    Please feel free to email to us your condition so we can give a customized answer

  • 14. Pilate helpful only in sports injuries as can normal people also do it?

    Pilates helps excellently in sports injury rehab or is generally great for athletes

    For normal population it’s an excellent form of workout to increase strength and maintain good health.

  • 15. How does Pilates help in women & Men?

    It helps both in men and women similarly by increasing the strength of the core.

  • 16. Pilates or Yoga which one is better in my condition?

    It entirely depends on what your interests are and what goals you may want to achieve from a workout.

  • 17. Do you conduct Pilate Instructor course?

    We see a future in this and are planning to soon start .please keep looking for our website updates.

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