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TRX  was invented by RANDY HETRICKS a navy SEAL army officer as a way to stay in peak condition of physical health without traditional fitness equipment and with use of  limited space .

TRX suspension trainer also know as the human trainer is a device designed specifically for resistance body weight training where traditional to a whole varied form of exercises can be performed with users hands or feet supported by a single anchor point while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the ground. A desired percentage of body weight is loaded onto targeted body zones and animated as an exercise movement. This helps to increase strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and core stability all at once and across a wide range of resistance.

TRX utilises gravity and movement to generate neuromuscular responses to changes in body position and mechanical advantage.

TRX suspension exercises accommodate limitless variation in movement.

TRX helps train in 3-D for better performance allowing us to train like we live rather than sitting down and training one single plane or isolated muscles at a time.

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